Fun Ways eliminate fat in the legs and abdomen

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FOR most women, fat deposits are "nested" (primarily) in the abdomen, thigh or arm felt very disturbing. Not surprisingly, she began to feel worried when I saw the needle number on the scale keeps growing. Especially if some fat in the body start to look to accumulate in some parts of the body. Of course, in addition to unsightly views, disease-prone body, how to lose fat in your legs, and definitely feel uncomfortable, is not it?

do not despair first Moms! There is a fine, practical ways to evict stubborn fat deposits. fat in the abdomen, So, do not bother to liposuction.

Just 30 Minutes!

Normally, fat is on the body, such as abdomen, arms, thighs, back, and folds under the armpit. how to lose weight in your legs, But according to Dr. Michael Triangto SpKO as a Sports Medicine Specialist Slim + Health Sports Therapy said, fat burning can be done with a light movement, repeatedly and for a long time.

"This type of movement but not aerobic aerobics, about 30 minutes. Because the first 20 minutes of new burning sugar stores in the body, not fat. So it should be done for 30 minutes, "advises Dr.. Michael.

When the body needs energy for activity, which acts as a source of energy is carbohydrates or foods that produce sugar. Fat burning will occur if the power source in the form of carbohydrates or sugar is up. Fat will be used as a backup energy by transporting fat into muscle cells to be used as energy. But fat as energy reserves will not be used if the energy from carbohydrates or sugar is still there.

Make Light Movement
Busyness Moms sometimes time-consuming enough a reason to exercise. Do not worry, Moms! With some stretching exercises, stubborn fats will decrease, even disappear. Matter of time, can be adjusted with time to spare Moms.

If Moms were at home, the first thing you can do is walk away. For example, walk round the block with a fast rhythm. We recommend that when walking, the body is made, head looking forward, arms swung back and forth alternately, and the right foot forward and left turns. "Actually swinging arm movement when walking fast to train your abdominal muscles as well," the base.

The key: Discipline and Regular
To get the desired results, dr. Michael emphasis on discipline and order. If all the stretching routine, a change began to appear after 2 weeks.

While the results of the new optimal visible range 3-6 months, depending on the composition ratio of weight and height. When Moms doing stretching it to the maximum, the average success rate as high as 70 - 80 percent.

With practice, some of the benefits or advantages that can be obtained as follows:
- Body fat is reduced.
- Increases muscle mass.
- Improved health.
- The body becomes more fit and beautiful.

Let's Banish Fat ..

- To train the abdominal muscles, Moms can do the basic sit-up. Straighten the body is supine. Raise both legs on the sofa or chair. The position of the body on the floor of the pelvis at an angle of 90 degrees. Thighs and lower legs form a 90 degree angle as well. Do the sit ups enough to raise the head 3 sets with 8 replications.

- Exercising the abdominal muscles. Position remains the same, but do not use a couch or chair. Repeat crunches with legs raised up straight ahead.

Arm. Raise your arms form a 90 degree angle with the use of weights. For example, with mineral bottle filled with water - to be adjusted to the size of the bottle holding Moms comfort.

Thigh. The position of the body stand with your legs straight. Then raise your legs to the right, to the left, and forward slowly.

Backs. Raise both arms straight up while holding expenses - load type and weight adjusted for comfort Moms. Then both arms moved down to the back of the head.

Folds under the armpit. Raise your arms upwards towards the rear while holding the load. Then the right hand is pulled up lean to the left.
All movements can be performed 3 sets (1 set = 8 count). When you are accustomed to, the movement in the first set could be increased to 10 or 12 times the count. We recommend that you do regularly or at least 3 times a week.

Tools that Can Be Used
Moms do not have to worry if you do not have an ideal exercise tool. The reason this movement requires only simple tools that were around. Surely readily available as bottled mineral water. Another tool that can be used in the home such as jars, bottles of syrups and so on. But if you're in the office, a tool that can be used for example file holder, book, or purse.

"The most important items are able to be appointed and comfortable to hold," said dr. Michael again. So, who says it's hard to expel fat? Want to try?

Key to Success Eliminate Fat
Many people are able to get the ideal body but can not wait to get through the process. Wanted almost instantaneous. Though all the needed process and time. In addition to actively move or exercise, do not forget to maintain your diet and adequate rest. Well, it's good to consider the following tips:

  • Perform the above movements according to ability, do not overdo it.
  • Tailored to the needs. For example, the fat part of the body to be reduced, if the stomach or arms alone.
  • Movements above is good enough. But it would be even better if coupled with a good diet to reduce or limit the amount of food consumption - consultations with a nutritionist.
  • No instant results. All need process.
  • The trip would take a person to change their lifestyle and mindset for a long period of time.

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