Five Misleading Myths Investment

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VERY important to evaluate the conventional wisdom in managing personal finances. Ensure fair in investing your assets. In addition, note the following myths that could interrupt the cycle of your investment:

1. All accountants are good at investing
Smart and highly trained accountant does not necessarily translate financial understanding. Actually the conventional investing wisdom from experienced friends and family.

2. The media is a good source for financial research
Journalists are not trained or paid to provide sound investment advice. Media only sell publications and occasionally perform a sensational depiction of finance so as to evoke an emotional reaction from investors quickly.

3. Revenue to be an important driver of wealth
Accountant with moderate incomes and tight austerity plan will be far richer over time than their counterparts that neglect to keep investing. Do not focus on what you do, focus on what you save.

4. Aiming for not paying taxes
Accountants often try to minimize taxes. Professional accountants were often involved the loss of tax dollars. If you want to minimize taxes and then lost investment gains were smaller.

5. Need professional help
While others hire a financial professional, you should manage your own finances with the right knowledge and skills.
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Nine Basic Principles of Managing Money

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THE following financial tips can help consumers to have a handle on finances and avoid making fatal mistakes. Well, following the general financial tips for consumers:

1. Pay off your debts and save money at the same time.

2. Lower use of credit cards to avoid huge debts.

3. Never sign a loan if it is not able to pay it off.

4. Better go to bed without dinner than to think that has not paid off the debt.

5. Always send a debt validation letter to the collection agency before making payment.

6. Check the credit report after paying the debt.

7. When married try to work together to end the debt.

8. Consolidate and pay off debt as quickly as possible.

9. Consider how much money is saved, before applying for a debt consolidation program.
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Discuss Step Family Finance

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TALK serious financial problems the family is essential to ensure the survival of a happy marriage. If you have a husband and still underestimate it, now is the time to take it more wisely.

The right time
Schedule a time to discuss the financial problems seriously. Talking about financial problems can not be done casually, for example, when my husband was reading the newspaper or when you're clearing the table after dinner. Also, do talk face to face and not over the phone.

Set aside at least 30 minutes for discussion. Ensure couples realize how important their participation in the talks for the survival of your family.

Before starting to discuss, prepare for everything that might be needed to make the conversation go smoothly. Take a piece of paper and write down your current bank balance, the monthly income, and the amount of all debt from home mortgages, car loans and credit cards. Write down the minimum payment amount of each loan accurately.

Sitting together with her husband to review the numbers you wrote it. No matter how large the amount of debt you have, not the time to blame each other. Rather, you and your husband together find a way out to settle the debt.

If you do not know where to start, it's good to ask for professional advice from a financial advisor who is an expert family cope with the financial crisis. You can also seek guidance from a variety of books and journals dealing with financial problems to find the most appropriate method as a way out.

Financial discussions can not be done only once. You and your husband should familiarize discuss this on a regular basis, such as once a month. With regular exchange ideas, you and your husband will be able to reach a better financial life
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Four Tips Manage Financial

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KNOWLEDGE good way to manage financially certainly very necessary for every person to ensure quality of life. If it is not appropriate to set out and the flow of money, it is not likely we will be caught in the trap of financial turmoil.

Therefore, there is no harm in continuing to learn to make the right decisions in managing finances. Here are some lessons that you can look at to avoid the mistakes that occurred in the financial sector:

1. Lifestyle
Learn to adjust your lifestyle that you live with the income they have. Do not be easily influenced to spend money on things that are not too crucial, like going on vacation every weekend or applying for a loan to buy a new car.

If you are gasping for breath by the end meet every month, so it's good start to tighten their belts by cutting many unnecessary expenditures. For example, if your need for coffee and hang out can not be stopped but you are very dependent, as a first step you can try to reduce it.

In addition, create a financial budget to determine how much monthly income and expenses. Thus it easier to control and regulate the financial condition, thereby limiting what can and what can not be bought.

2. Debt
Saving money is very important and must be done to ensure the future. However, if you have credit card debt amount is very large, then you better give priority to pay off the debt first rather than saving. Therefore, interest rate credit cards are generally much higher than the interest rate on bank savings.

But, of course you should have an emergency savings fund to anticipate when something happens that is not expected. When saving an emergency fund sufficient numbers, then you can concentrate of their earnings to pay off debts.

3. Savings

Saving money in the bank it is the safest way to save money because there is no risk of loss, your records should selectively look good bank. However, that does not mean it's the best way to save your money. In addition to the growth of limited funds, the value is also becoming more days following the dip of the higher inflation rate.

According to Annabel Brodie Smith, communications director of the Association of Investment Companies, whether or not to save money by opening a savings account at a bank is entirely dependent on two things. First, your goal of saving. Second, how long you will be saving.

If you plan to save money over the next five to 10 years, then opened a savings account at a bank is the best option. However, if you have the time that is longer than 10 years before needing the money back, then play the stock to be a better choice because it is more profitable.

But, of course, this type of investment is not without risk. Because, you can just lose and lose some money. However, if done wisely and thoughtfully, for example by planting money not only in one place, then you can get better results without too gamble with fate.

4. Investment
Do not follow trends when they want to invest. Because when an investment becomes popular, it means time to sell. Before deciding to invest, the first thing to do is figure out what your goals are, how much to invest, and how severe the risks can be borne. You should also consider breaking investment into some fields in anticipation of a total loss.

Another thing to keep in mind, you must be committed in carrying out investments that have been, and do not easily panic when market prices fall so instantly liquefy investments.
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Overcome Five Financial Dilemma

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IN everyday life, various financial dilemmas ranging from the large to the trivial sometimes come off. To avoid feeling awkward and wrong, need wisdom to deal with it.

Here are some examples of problematic situations that you may encounter, and tricks to get out of uncomfortable situations:

Sharing the bill
When eating out with friends, you just order a salad while others ordered steak. When the bill comes, do you have to split the bill evenly even though my friends ordered the more expensive menu?

If the price of the ordered menu only slightly different, you may consider to split the bill evenly. But, if the price difference is quite striking custom menu, should say plainly to pay the bills each. To make things easier, you can ask the waiter to split the bill. If not, calculate how much the price of food and drink you ordered along with taxes and tips, then let the other friends who share the rest.

Lending money to a friend
A friend comes to you and borrow some money. After several neglect to pay, one day she suddenly appeared, wearing an expensive pair of shoes. What is your attitude?

Instead, do not rush to make assumptions. He could have received a pair of shoes as a gift, or just get a fortune and is ready to pay his debt. However, a right to inquire about the money you lent. But, keep it smooth and select sentences carefully.

One lesson that can be taken by Dave Ramsey, author of The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness, never lend money to a friend.

You better give it as a gift and do not expect it back. It was much easier, he said. Or, limit the amount of money that you lent in order not to feel upset and hurt if it is not returned.

Bought with money venture
A friend wanted to get married, and other friends who venture to buy a gift that is much more expensive than you want to spend the funds. If the prize had already purchased without prior notice, and you are asked to pay, say politely that you have thought of other prizes to be given.

If you have not purchased a gift, you can give the idea of ​​buying other gifts that are more appropriate.

A friend who often richer buy you this and that and always reject the money you spend to replace it. But, you feel bad about because it continues to be paid. The solution, let's be generous and find creative ways to respond. For example, to bring gifts of food or dining at home occasionally invited.

Traveling with friends
You have plans to go on holiday with friends. However, unlike her friends, your financial budget is quite tight. What to do?

Before booking accommodation, explain your financial situation to your friends. Say that you have limitations with transportation options, rates, until the restaurant. Explain to him what kind of trip that suits your pockets conditions. If she offers to lend money so that you can both get a first-class accommodation, politely decline the offer and confirm your establishment. Do not let yourself plunged in uncomfortable situations later.
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Five Etiquette Finance

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NOT a few people find themselves in a difficult situation involving money, so do not know what to say or do. As a small example, when someone invites you to eat out, who has the obligation to pay the bill?

The next time was in confusing circumstances as above, keep in mind some etiquette following in mind:

Pay only what you spend
When you and your friends decide to eat out, just pay your bills rations, which are foods and beverages that are your messages. Equally split the bill may not be a problem if the difference is thin, and you do not want to seem too calculating. But, if you just order a salad while others ordered steak and dessert, of course another story.

'' For a big difference, apart immediately, or you will set a precedent that are difficult to change without making yourself look bad,'' said Jeanne Fleming, Ph.D., columnist 'Money & Ethics' on the site and co-authors 'Is not It Their Turn to Pick Up the Check? " Say firmly but politely that it's better if each person pays their own food.

Jika you have been equally distribute terbiasa bills without large portions matter how is actually, dr. Fleming recommends to talk of now directly and politely.

Who's invited, he who pays
Recognized or not recognized, the majority of women want the man to pay on a first date. After that, no problem for us to pay some other bills in the future. However, according to Diane Mapes, author of "How to Date in a Post-Dating World, 'whoever invites should pay for a date, even though it's your first time and he went along.

'' You two are adults productive and well-paid. Why do men always have to pay?'' He said.

The exception to this rule is if you both have frequently communicate online, send SMS or e-mail. Thus, a date invitation is seen as something that is natural mutual pay bills each. '' Meet face-to-face is the next logical step,'' said Mapes.

Confused? You are not alone. Because, obviously Mapes, most men felt confused about what is appropriate and inappropriate. So, when the bill comes and flings you indicate to pay their own bills, elated careful to remove the wallet. Do not jump to conclusions he's stingy or so.

If a date is ongoing for the second, third, and so on, better talk about your expectations about money. If you do not expect it constantly paying bills, tell the truth so that both parties feel relieved. However, if he looks offended or reject your suggestion, do not argue the matter. Instead, thank him and find another way to return the favor.

Destructive means buying
The slogan is not only valid in stores, but also in everyday life. If you damage something in the house of a friend, then the financial burden of the responsibility of you, the press Dr. Fleming. Immediately offer to pay the cost of repair of goods that are damaged or buy a replacement.

If you really can not afford to give compensation, other contributions that can offer you or a payment plan is possible. If the object is not found tampered Instead, ask your host to pick something similar and draw him to you buy.

So, what if you are in the position of the damaged host belongings? Consider then let the matter and did not ask for compensation on behalf of friendship. But, if the object is quite expensive and you expect compensation, but not good to ask directly, send us a note stating how much the cost of replacing damaged goods, and ask if he is willing to contribute.

However, it is important to note that confront it could damage relations of friendship - if not end it. '' So, think of how much meaning such replacement to you,'' advice Sue Fox, founder and president of The Etiquette Survival Group.

Pay your part
When a friend's birthday, perhaps you and some friends decided to buy something together as a birthday gift. When your name inscribed on a gift card, you must pay your part, unless there is another agreement made before, said Jeanne Hamilton, author of "Wedding Etiquette Hell 'and founder

'' The man who organized the prize needs to explain how the part to be paid each person, and get ready to collect if the money has not been given.''

On the other hand, if your friends ask you to contribute to an expensive gift without your prior consent, you are entitled to refuse to participate. Let's just say that you will buy yourself a gift for a birthday, and thank everyone for their offer to share.

Donations at work
As colleagues in the office to collect the cash for a wedding gift, birthday party, or a farewell party colleagues who resign or retire, do you have to contribute? In a world without political office, it's really not necessary. But, you need to look at it pragmatically.

'' This is where you work. Do you really want co-workers, and especially the boss, thinking that you're not a team player? It is stupid to make everyone in the office gossip because you refused to issue a couple of dollars,'' said Dr. Fleming
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Avoid Financial Stress in Household

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Financial PROBLEM can cause great strife in the household. Bills are piling up, twisted debt and savings are depleted, can create stress which leads to blame.

But, do not let money destroy your marriage and your husband. Instead, follow a number of steps to avoid financial stress following:

Setting goals
It's important for you to write financial goals - both long-term goals like any short-term goals to be achieved. Prioritize your life specifically.

If you free yourself of debt is your primary goal, write down how much debt is expected to be paid off every month. If saving to buy a new home is your goal, decide how much money should be set aside each month.

By writing these goals, you will be more motivated and able to free himself from the temptation shopping. Instead, you are also becoming passionate committed to achieving that goal.

Given the trend
Often times, people do not realize where their money goes. In order to control personal finances, find out first why you are spending money and where the money is.

Try tracking your expenses for two months. Choose the method you like best, such as using a pencil and a notebook, computer spreadsheet, or online budget planner. At the end of the second month, you may be surprised to see an unnecessary expenditure.

Equally important is fighting against your natural tendencies. If many delinquent bill for paper bills persist, organizing methods, for example by using a filing cabinet for storing paper-lertas and notes.

Take advantage of technology

Do not hesitate to take advantage of technology as much as possible for your kindness. If saving the main goal, to make a separate savings account and have money automatically deducted from your paycheck to put into other accounts.

In addition, pay bills online and use your smart phone or computer to remind your financial goals.
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