how to lose fat on legs-3 Ways to burn fat right leg

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Besides the stomach, legs is also one part that needs to be kept fat content. Do not let the foot of the 'swollen' removes sexy impression on you. If you feel your feet quite fatty, fat on legs, consider the proper way to burn fat

Up the stairs
Up the stairs is one of the most convenient and inexpensive way to burn fat on your legs. lose leg fat, You just go up and down stairs 100-150 per day to get a more slender shape of the foot.

Do not be lazy to walk when traveling. lose fat legs, Avoid using a vehicle if the place you're going is not too far away and can be reached by foot.

Ballet squat
Ballet leg squat is a kind of movement that is believed to burn fat in the legs. The trick is to open the legs wider than shoulder with ankles remain aligned with your knees, then bend your knees slowly. Hold hands in front or sides then lower your body as low as possible and hold for a few moments. Make sure the body remains upright while doing squats this ballet.

Do not just obsessed to lose abdominal fat, because fat feet also need attention.


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