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NOT a few people find themselves in a difficult situation involving money, so do not know what to say or do. As a small example, when someone invites you to eat out, who has the obligation to pay the bill?

The next time was in confusing circumstances as above, keep in mind some etiquette following in mind:

Pay only what you spend
When you and your friends decide to eat out, just pay your bills rations, which are foods and beverages that are your messages. Equally split the bill may not be a problem if the difference is thin, and you do not want to seem too calculating. But, if you just order a salad while others ordered steak and dessert, of course another story.

'' For a big difference, apart immediately, or you will set a precedent that are difficult to change without making yourself look bad,'' said Jeanne Fleming, Ph.D., columnist 'Money & Ethics' on the site and co-authors 'Is not It Their Turn to Pick Up the Check? " Say firmly but politely that it's better if each person pays their own food.

Jika you have been equally distribute terbiasa bills without large portions matter how is actually, dr. Fleming recommends to talk of now directly and politely.

Who's invited, he who pays
Recognized or not recognized, the majority of women want the man to pay on a first date. After that, no problem for us to pay some other bills in the future. However, according to Diane Mapes, author of "How to Date in a Post-Dating World, 'whoever invites should pay for a date, even though it's your first time and he went along.

'' You two are adults productive and well-paid. Why do men always have to pay?'' He said.

The exception to this rule is if you both have frequently communicate online, send SMS or e-mail. Thus, a date invitation is seen as something that is natural mutual pay bills each. '' Meet face-to-face is the next logical step,'' said Mapes.

Confused? You are not alone. Because, obviously Mapes, most men felt confused about what is appropriate and inappropriate. So, when the bill comes and flings you indicate to pay their own bills, elated careful to remove the wallet. Do not jump to conclusions he's stingy or so.

If a date is ongoing for the second, third, and so on, better talk about your expectations about money. If you do not expect it constantly paying bills, tell the truth so that both parties feel relieved. However, if he looks offended or reject your suggestion, do not argue the matter. Instead, thank him and find another way to return the favor.

Destructive means buying
The slogan is not only valid in stores, but also in everyday life. If you damage something in the house of a friend, then the financial burden of the responsibility of you, the press Dr. Fleming. Immediately offer to pay the cost of repair of goods that are damaged or buy a replacement.

If you really can not afford to give compensation, other contributions that can offer you or a payment plan is possible. If the object is not found tampered Instead, ask your host to pick something similar and draw him to you buy.

So, what if you are in the position of the damaged host belongings? Consider then let the matter and did not ask for compensation on behalf of friendship. But, if the object is quite expensive and you expect compensation, but not good to ask directly, send us a note stating how much the cost of replacing damaged goods, and ask if he is willing to contribute.

However, it is important to note that confront it could damage relations of friendship - if not end it. '' So, think of how much meaning such replacement to you,'' advice Sue Fox, founder and president of The Etiquette Survival Group.

Pay your part
When a friend's birthday, perhaps you and some friends decided to buy something together as a birthday gift. When your name inscribed on a gift card, you must pay your part, unless there is another agreement made before, said Jeanne Hamilton, author of "Wedding Etiquette Hell 'and founder

'' The man who organized the prize needs to explain how the part to be paid each person, and get ready to collect if the money has not been given.''

On the other hand, if your friends ask you to contribute to an expensive gift without your prior consent, you are entitled to refuse to participate. Let's just say that you will buy yourself a gift for a birthday, and thank everyone for their offer to share.

Donations at work
As colleagues in the office to collect the cash for a wedding gift, birthday party, or a farewell party colleagues who resign or retire, do you have to contribute? In a world without political office, it's really not necessary. But, you need to look at it pragmatically.

'' This is where you work. Do you really want co-workers, and especially the boss, thinking that you're not a team player? It is stupid to make everyone in the office gossip because you refused to issue a couple of dollars,'' said Dr. Fleming

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