Overcome Five Financial Dilemma

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IN everyday life, various financial dilemmas ranging from the large to the trivial sometimes come off. To avoid feeling awkward and wrong, need wisdom to deal with it.

Here are some examples of problematic situations that you may encounter, and tricks to get out of uncomfortable situations:

Sharing the bill
When eating out with friends, you just order a salad while others ordered steak. When the bill comes, do you have to split the bill evenly even though my friends ordered the more expensive menu?

If the price of the ordered menu only slightly different, you may consider to split the bill evenly. But, if the price difference is quite striking custom menu, should say plainly to pay the bills each. To make things easier, you can ask the waiter to split the bill. If not, calculate how much the price of food and drink you ordered along with taxes and tips, then let the other friends who share the rest.

Lending money to a friend
A friend comes to you and borrow some money. After several neglect to pay, one day she suddenly appeared, wearing an expensive pair of shoes. What is your attitude?

Instead, do not rush to make assumptions. He could have received a pair of shoes as a gift, or just get a fortune and is ready to pay his debt. However, a right to inquire about the money you lent. But, keep it smooth and select sentences carefully.

One lesson that can be taken by Dave Ramsey, author of The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness, never lend money to a friend.

You better give it as a gift and do not expect it back. It was much easier, he said. Or, limit the amount of money that you lent in order not to feel upset and hurt if it is not returned.

Bought with money venture
A friend wanted to get married, and other friends who venture to buy a gift that is much more expensive than you want to spend the funds. If the prize had already purchased without prior notice, and you are asked to pay, say politely that you have thought of other prizes to be given.

If you have not purchased a gift, you can give the idea of ​​buying other gifts that are more appropriate.

A friend who often richer buy you this and that and always reject the money you spend to replace it. But, you feel bad about because it continues to be paid. The solution, let's be generous and find creative ways to respond. For example, to bring gifts of food or dining at home occasionally invited.

Traveling with friends
You have plans to go on holiday with friends. However, unlike her friends, your financial budget is quite tight. What to do?

Before booking accommodation, explain your financial situation to your friends. Say that you have limitations with transportation options, rates, until the restaurant. Explain to him what kind of trip that suits your pockets conditions. If she offers to lend money so that you can both get a first-class accommodation, politely decline the offer and confirm your establishment. Do not let yourself plunged in uncomfortable situations later.

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