Five Misleading Myths Investment

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VERY important to evaluate the conventional wisdom in managing personal finances. Ensure fair in investing your assets. In addition, note the following myths that could interrupt the cycle of your investment:

1. All accountants are good at investing
Smart and highly trained accountant does not necessarily translate financial understanding. Actually the conventional investing wisdom from experienced friends and family.

2. The media is a good source for financial research
Journalists are not trained or paid to provide sound investment advice. Media only sell publications and occasionally perform a sensational depiction of finance so as to evoke an emotional reaction from investors quickly.

3. Revenue to be an important driver of wealth
Accountant with moderate incomes and tight austerity plan will be far richer over time than their counterparts that neglect to keep investing. Do not focus on what you do, focus on what you save.

4. Aiming for not paying taxes
Accountants often try to minimize taxes. Professional accountants were often involved the loss of tax dollars. If you want to minimize taxes and then lost investment gains were smaller.

5. Need professional help
While others hire a financial professional, you should manage your own finances with the right knowledge and skills.

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