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Hobby most women is to go shopping, even without us knowing we pay half months is up, only for some models sold clothes or shoes. As a result, there is no more money left over for savings. Indeed, when compared to men, women tend to be more difficult to save and invest. We, as women, should be ready to face any situation itself, including financial problems. What happens if one day our husbands died or were forced to divorce, no we can financially independent? Therefore, plan your finances from now on! How? Well, here are some tips for you to make you more mature and financially independent.

1. Make your financial goals. For most women accumulate wealth is not important, what is important is what we can get now. Are we able to buy clothes with new models, or shopping at discount department stores are large, or hang out with friends. That is what causes women can not save. Therefore, you should determine your financial goals.

2. Familiarise yourself financially independent. Although typically women who manage day-to-day finances of the family, but most women leave their long-term financial plan governed by the husband. That was a mistake. Try to not depend financially with my husband or anyone else. Every marriage can be ended at any time, whether it's because of divorce or death. And often because of this, women ruled.

3. Buy your own home. Most women crave a prince who will take them on a dream house. No! It's better if you can buy your own home as soon as possible, when you are not married. The house is the best investment you can make for your future.

4. Saving for your retirement. Indeed, it may be for you young women, retirement seems far from expectations. But for those who are on the verge of retirement eye, does not seem to be possible to raise money for retirement.

5. Make long-term plans. Usually, women do not really care about the financial problems, until they lost their jobs, lost their husbands, or close to retirement. Most women, maybe you're one of them, live by digging a hole and closed hole. Salary in a month they will run out in that month. That's why long-term plan is needed to address the crisis management that you've done.

6. Start investing. Many people are always stalling to start investing. If a man put off investing because they have something that should come first, whereas in women, delaying investment because they fear that they will make mistakes. The solution is to do it at least one step ahead, try to invest even in small amounts.

7. Do not be afraid of the risks.
Sometimes, playing it safe is not truly safe and smart. If you want your money to grow, it means you must be prepared to deal with inflation and taxes. The picture is like this: women view money as a lake, while men view money as a river, which is constantly changing. That is, women are afraid to take risks. Begin to learn what you fear, seek as much information, and start to take risks, even if it's just a little bit. You should consider is, do not ever put your money on something you do not understand.

8. Do not do it alone. Try to work with finance professionals to get good results, and reliable!

9. Find someone who can support you emotionally, if you feel the need. When you are struggling with financial problems are complicated, you definitely need moral support. That support can come from your friends, family, or group specifically addressing financial problems.

10. More confident am left in a salary negotiation.
Most women felt no need to negotiate with their salaries. They think if they do their job well, then their salaries will also go up. In fact, it is not so! Lesson for you: negotiated from the beginning.

11. Get out of your financial comfort zone. Although it means you have to leave more money in addition to your child's needs, or your budget, or even when you have to ask your boss for a raise, it will take you to all the changes. And the reason why only a few women who had success in the field of finance is that they do not like to feel uncomfortable.

12. It's never too late! The mistake often made is that we often feel that it is too late, but start a financial plan is never really too late. Whenever possible, start saving or investing?

How? Not too hard right to get started? Start from now, do not delay! Because your future depends also on how you organize your life today.

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