6 Steps to Motivate Yourself When Diet

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lose weight motivation--Many women who want the ideal body to diet. It's just not a few women who are trapped in the wrong diet, so the results are not satisfactory.

Winners WRP Sure You Can Do! Challenge, Ira Lathief (category Weight Loss Challenge), and Minda Sari (Body Shape Challenge category), share experiences to Female Compass some time ago.

1. Focus on goals to make yourself more motivated
The initial purpose of affecting the success of the diet. Ira (30) for example, excess weight (60 kg, with a height of 153 cm) has always been mistaken for being pregnant. The assumption is then made single woman who works as a teacher is determined to lose weight and get the ideal body shape. Having confidence is higher with the ideal body to be more motivated. stay motivated to lose weight. Ira is the focus of weight within two months of competition.

Another with Minda (33). Petite mother of two children began experiencing changes in her body since getting married and giving birth. Minda often suffer from headaches and acute ulcer disease. The desire to have a healthy body, fit and ideally be the main focus.

The two women managed to prove, with the determination, the desire to get a healthy body met in just two months.

2. Change the mindset
"Undergoing diet need to change the paradigm, by telling yourself that dieting is not torture yourself, but rather to lead a healthy lifestyle that becomes a lifestyle," said Minda.

This mindset is also owned by Ira. Women who also works as a writer is assessing dietary self-defeating as a challenge, motivational quotes to lose weight.. keeping commitments, and believe that the purpose (the dream) can be realized.

"More importantly, when the diet is self-motivated," said Ira, who admitted to failing a diet without strong motivation.

3. Changing patterns and lifestyle
Of course, the formulation of a healthy diet is a diet and exercise routine. So how execution?

Ira focusing lose weight, undergoing training two hours a day for five days a week at the gym. Sports activities are chosen exercise bike (stationary bike), and treadmill, each one hour.

While Minda who want to form a body, regularly went to the gym five days a week. Choice training, 30 minutes of cardio (for heating), 1 hour with a personal trainer referral, and 30 minutes back to the cardio workout ending.

4. Organize and maintain your diet
Commitment to exercise on a diet program needs to be maintained in order to succeed, but will be useless if not accompanied by a healthy diet.

Ira pointed out, he had to undergo fitness program at one of the fitness center for seven months, but does not deliver maximum results because he did not keep eating.

Through WRP competition Sure You Can Do! Challenge, Ira learn proper diet according to their needs. That is, you need the guidance and consultation, as is done in the style of a healthy diet program this WRP. Information on a healthy diet you can get from anywhere. For example, of various readings, clinical nutrition, or through discussions with a fitness center with personal trainers.

Ira lost weight from 60 kg to 55kg, with the muscle up 1 kg for two months. The trick, diet habit reversal with five consecutive meals:
* At 7:00, eating breakfast with low-fat milk nutrients to the diet.
* At 10:00, a snack with fruits or a special diet of healthy foods.
* At 12:00, lunch as much as 700 calories in the form of rice, fish, vegetables, fruits, and reduce fried foods.
* At 16:00, just as the morning snack.
* At 19:00, dinner was replaced with low-fat milk nutrients to the diet. Can also be replaced with fresh vegetables such as capcay.

While Minda consistently adjusting the diet for two months to purportedly managed to make the body more fit. Focus Minda is a body shape, meaning that the amount of calorie intake should be maintained total 1700 calories per day:
* At 7:00, breakfast with wheat bread and jam, a total of 340 calories.
* At 10:00, a snack with fruit or healthy food special diet, 120 calories.
* At 12:00 to 13:00, lunch as much as 740 calories.
* At 16:00, just as the morning snack, 120 calories.
* At 19:00, dinner with menu standards but limit 380 calories.

5. Juggle boredom with creativity
A healthy diet needs a strong commitment as much temptation to attack. Ira and Minda Often saturated with new changing lifestyle habits. motivation for weight loss, But boredom is not an excuse to beat yourself. They are trying to get around the boredom without disturbing the diet.

If Minda make creativity a dish of food, Ira outsmart "deceitful" destroy the diet and more exercise.

"In addition to the gym, I joined a community bike to work. Inspired by Arie Dagienk can lose weight dozens of pounds with this cycling habit," said Ira.

While Minda changing milk in other forms such as pudding or gelatin mixed with fresh milk flavor. The combination of fruits is also another way that the taste of healthy food to stay awake.

6. Support group

Join the community or looking for colleagues who support each essential to the diet. So, join in a wide selection of communities or groups who lead a healthy lifestyle. You certainly need support and source of inspiration in order to feel themselves undergoing a long-term commitment is not it?


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