Let's Make Financial Budget

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Creating a financial plan
Make a financial budget for yourself probably is not as interesting as how to invest money for a favorite car. But this is an important thing done before the 'play' with money. Before you create a financial budget, make a list of where your money income comes from, how much and where it is likely to keep it.

1. Gather all financial information, including the print paper from banks, investment records, and all the information about income. The more detail and keep a record of your income, it would be easier to make a financial budget.

2. Write down all your sources of financial revenue. Whether it is derived from a permanent job as an employee, job or just a job based on a hobby.

3. Make a note of every month so that at the end of the year, you know the amount of income and expenditure. This includes all payments, such as utility bills, telephone, insurance, entertainment funds, social funds, child allowances, school fees, and all the things you are doing with regard to spending.

4. Make two lists: expenses and expenditures definitely uncertain. Spending certainly contains about expenses that you pay each month. While the uncertain expenses are expenses that come up from time to time or spontaneously, such as donations, entertainment funds, and funds for food away from home.

5. Sum of all monthly income and expenses. If the total income is greater than expenses, then you are among those who have good financial management. This means you can still save some money for retirement. Conversely, if the total expenditure is greater than income, it means you have to change your lifestyle.

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