Couples dealing with the Joint Finance

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The issue of money, it is a sensitive area, so often people shy away from talking about it. In fact, for those who already have a partner, and marriage, financial issues should be discussed openly, because it involves the future spouses and children.

Try talking and manage financial issues more carefully and openly. Some of these things can be your guide.

1. Organize! Collect all documents relating to important financial, and place it in a special place that can be seen by both parties.

2. Do it first for yourself first. Write what you are spending. Then once you see what you are spending, diverting some of your spending to save. Do it for yourself first for your financial future.

3. Plan to save.
Begin a savings account to meet needs such as clothing, vacations, and insurance. Plan costs for the future of the whole year.

4. Make an emergency stash. You never know when you need additional funds. Therefore, try to make an emergency account for the cost of the lives of two or three months.

5. Do not owe! Or if you are already involved with debt, finish quickly and get out of the circle of debt, and also avoid credit card. If you do have to use a credit card, adjust and limit the use of your credit card.

6. Make it a goal.
Decide what you want for your money. Do you want to buy a house? Car? Children's school fees? Whatever it is, write down goals and strategies to achieve this goal. Make a budget.

7. Insurance. Insure yourself, health, home, or other things that can bear all the needs of your life. Earlier, find out and learn everything about insurance.

8. How much you should be saving and / or investing? Saving at least 15% for each of your income at the beginning of your first job. Over time, increase the percentage of your savings.

Surely, your communication with your spouse should remain good so that all matters, including the most sensitive issue like this, it can be addressed.

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