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Discussing financial problems is not going to be endless, especially when it comes to everyday life and work. To avoid getting confused, just learn a few tips about money and jobs below.

1. Learn more about all things financial.
Educate yourself about retirement planning, financial options and financial picture. Keep up to date knowledge of the economy, the country's stability and health. Because these three highly related to one's financial situation. For you, women under the age of 50 years still have plenty of time to save for retirement savings.

2. Starting from now.
It's never too late to start saving, even if you're not young anymore. Set aside at least 10% of your income for a month to save. At the end of the year see how much money in your savings and interest earned.

3. Discipline yourself.

I do not know why saving can be very difficult for someone. Learning discipline to get used to saving may initially be difficult, but if you are used to the habit will be very beneficial.

4. Avoid debt.
Most women love to shop and unknowingly accumulate debt through the use of credit cards. If you want to live comfortably on the day old, avoid debt. If you really want to owe, pay the appropriate time specified, and do not be stalling payment. Even if you owe money to friends or relatives nearby, because the debt will still be there when the debt is repaid will be mounting.

5. Protect your credit cards
If you have a credit card, learn and check all the reports at least once a year. It aims to guard against fraud on the part of creditors.

6. Make everything as simple as possible.
The more simple financial planning that you set, the more easily learned and implemented.

7. Talk and get other people.
If you decide to change job or start a new business, try to discuss and ask the nearest person to join. By discussing and invite other people as well, it will facilitate the financial processes that you live.

8. Read books that inspire finances.
Books like Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, The Success Principles by Jack Canfield or Now Discover Your Strengths Marcus Buckingham could be a good start to increase your financial knowledge.

9. Take the self-development classes.
Use your free time or holidays by following self-development classes. Make yourself expensive with all the skills and abilities that support obtained from self-development classes.

10. Find a personal financial advisor.
Not a psychologist or therapist but a professional financial advisor who can help make all of your dreams.

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