If Diet Fails, Blame Your Motivation

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No dynamic lifestyle and irregular eating patterns lead to a lot of people are overweight or obese. stay motivated to lose weight. But instead of consistent diet, 86 percent of dieters said they used a lot of reasons to quit from his diet.

This was revealed by a survey conducted by a company's nutrition and weight management based in Evesham, England is LighterLife.

Even 37 percent of respondents who most of these women said there was no point in starting a diet if they were not sure I could run it properly in a day, let alone to do so up to a full. week. how to keep motivated to lose weight

Some of the reasons used by the respondents to stop the diet program such as having bad luck at work (for example, your boss yelled at or get a lot of extra work), how do i get the motivation to lose weight, too many party invitations, too busy to run a weight loss program or simply because the respondent is a person who is easily bored .

18 percent of respondents also blamed his co-workers often treat eating out making lazy respondent continued his diet program.

But beyond that, the survey also showed that 30 percent of respondents are more likely to be honest and admit if they lack motivation and commitment to run a more healthy diet than before.

"Though there is no such thing as food is 'bad' for the body, there is only a poor diet," said a general practitioner who is also a leading TV presenter in London, Hilary Jones as reported by Medindia on Tuesday (09/18/2012) .

Of the survey can be seen if changes in food preferences is not enough to help a person to lose weight but the important thing is self motivation.
motivational quotes to lose weight
Although dieters have used this method to follow a diet or weight loss program specifically the most 'advanced' though, if it is not accompanied by the motivation of his own then surely the program will fail, if not even more weight gain due to eating more mess than before.

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