Motivation to Lose Weight! Got?

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This article is the third carriage of a series of articles with the theme of how to lose weight and how to shrink belly fat. Two previous article like Down Weight Loss? Fast Metabolism! lose weight motivation, Slimming and Do not Use Drugs! .

On the cover of the second article I wrote:

 No time to exercise? Sorry. that's bullshit! it's just an excuse to be sought for it. I saw a lot of them are super busy to find time to exercise.

    Come on, leave all those reasons. If you want to have a healthy weight, want to lose weight and reduce belly fat, stay motivated to lose weight. then the most good and rational is to increase your metabolism through diet and keep exercising!
But I realized that the words were a bit rough this appeal to many people no impact whatsoever.

Not that they do not want or do not want to thin trying to lose weight, but for people's words appeal from the most subtle to the most abusive will not even give any effect on them.

Maybe you've been there? You suffer from obesity and body fat in the abdominal pile began to bulge, friends and family tried to tell this to you in a nice way to rebuke and insult but you flinch! You are not motivated!

    Motivation is the driving force of our desire to manifest. Propulsive energy of the order whatever we want can be realized.
There are those who, when weaknesses are shown, they are immediately moved to change it. They are motivated for it. There is also a need to be more than just words.

Fat people are not motivated does not mean they do not want to reach your ideal weight. This is because their subconscious mind has been rejected or blocked the suggestions recommended by the brother and relatives. There is already a mental block there.

The most common suggestion of course is to adjust your diet and exercise. However if the subconscious mind has created a mindset that diet and exercise that is hard-earned (Myspace so painstakingly dong!): Mrgreen: the conscious mind will immediately dig up this information from the subconscious mind, and based on this information into action!

His actions are: reject sport, refusing to manage your diet. how to motivate yourself to lose weight. Do not event think about diet and sport! Later you will take pains! so the actions taken by the conscious mind.

This is what causes a lot of fat people make excuses to avoid exercise and diet. There are so many reasons and it's all dug up by the conscious mind directly from the subconscious mind!

So what is the solution? The solution is to instill a new mindset in our Subconscious Mind. This new mindset that makes you motivated to diet and exercise.

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